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August 2013

In this issue:

• Join a Committee!
• The Course of Reason On Air
• Student Leadership Conference Wrap-up
• Light the Night and Hug an Atheist Week
• Attend the CFI Summit
• Defend Dissent: Start Planning for
Blasphemy Rights Day
• Upcoming Conferences
• Student Freethinker in the News

CFI's monthly newsletter updating you on the work of our atheist, freethinking, skeptical, and secular humanist student affiliate groups around the world.

Join a Committee!

Student group leaders and members are invited to join one of five new committees that CFI On Campus will use to coordinate national and international campaigns. Students can apply to join the Student Advisory Committee, Activism Committee, Promotions & Design Committee, Publications Committee, or Service Committee.

Apply now!

If you are not a student, but would like to support student efforts in a more active role, email to find out how you can help.

The Course of Reason On Air

Course of Reason On Air Session 1

Campus organizers Cody Hashman and Sarah Kaiser sat down with student leaders for the first of many Course of Reason On Air sessions recently. Session 1 brought together student leaders from Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin to talk about what their student groups are doing to gear up for the the beginning of the school year. You can view a recording of the live session and read a recap online.

CFI On Campus plans to use these Google+ Hangout sessions as a way to hear from some of the leading campus leaders about a variety of topics ranging from planning the beginning of the school year to increasing diversity in your student group to participating in charity events like Light the Night and Hug an Atheist Week. Stay tuned to the Course of Reason blog and our Facebook page for more announcements about future Course of Reason On Air sessions. 

Student Leadership Conference Wrap-up

group work cfi student conference 2013

This year's CFI Student Leadership Conference was a great success! Students came to Amherst from afar for leadership training and organizing skills-building, and were inspired and empowered to take lessons learned back to their campuses to make change in their communities.

But don't take our word for it. Read what the attendees had to say:

Light the Night and Hug an Atheist Week

hug an atheist week logo

The Foundation Beyond Belief is once again rallying freethought organizations and local communities to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night fundraising events. CFI On Campus is encouraging affiliated student groups to participate. To learn more about Light the Night and how your campus group can get involved, check out CFI's Light the Night page or email

The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has also pledged $100 grants to any CFI On Campus affiliated group that participates in Hug an Atheist Week to raise money for their Light the Night efforts and submits a video of their experience to the Foundation Beyond Belief. More information can be found at our Hug an Atheist Week page

Learn how to create a Light the Night team and start fundraising »

Attend the CFI Summit!

cfi summit logo

A meeting of minds—a call to collaborative action.

Should examination of religious beliefs remain largely off limits for skeptics? Should secular humanists be as critical of fringe science claims, including alternative medicine, as they are of religious beliefs? To what extent do skeptics and humanists have a common mission? Both skeptics and humanists support science and critical thinking—but what else unites them? Are there public policy issues on which skeptics and humanists can productively collaborate?

The best way to answer these questions is to bring skeptics and humanists together to talk about them—and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

On October 24–27, 2013, we’re holding The CFI Summit: a joint conference of the Center for Inquiry and its affiliate organizations, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism. Student registration (with valid ID) is just $50 for the full conference!

Learn more and register for the CFI Summit »

Defend Dissent: Start Planning for Intl. Blasphemy Rights Day

defend dissent logo

Each year, students around the world support the right of free expression, one of the most important components of freethought, by celebrating International Blasphemy Rights Day.

Your group can participate in a wide range of activities—from lectures and educational presentations to in-your-face blasphemy events—to help challenge complacency and raise awareness about impediments to free expression on campus, at the local and regional level, and worldwide. Understandably, some of the events below might not fit with the mission of your campus group or with the climate of your campus or community.

Want to plan an event for IBRD on your campus? Get ideas here »

Student Freethinkers in the News

mu sasha receiving award

MU SASHA was recognized this month in their local paper, the Columbia Daily Tribune, for their efforts defending free expression in the fight for freedom for Bangladeshi atheist bloggers.

The group received CFI's 2013 Campus Affiliate Group Award for Defense of Free Expression at the Student Leadership Conference in July. From the article:

Paul Fidalgo, communication director for the Center for Inquiry, said the leaders being cultivated in MU SASHA will go on to become lawyers, teachers, parents and other contributors to society. "They're going to represent our community and our worldview," he said.

Read the full article on MU SASHA's great work »

About CFI On Campus


Center for Inquiry On Campus promotes and defends science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values in high schools and on college campuses throughout North America and around the world.

Students are doing amazing things to advance science, reason, and secular values. If you have the means to help us provide resources to them, please contact Debbie Goddard by email or at (716) 636-4869 ext. 421.

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