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Women in Secularism II

Jennifer Michael Hecht & Amanda Marcotte Videos Now Available

Jennifer Michael Hecht & Amanda MarcotteThis past May, dozens of acclaimed speakers joined over 300 attendees for the second Women in Secularism conference, presented by CFI and held in Washington, D.C.

The entire conference was recorded and we are very pleased to be able to share all the videos with you over the summer.

Visit to watch the videos!

Today we contribute two more talks to the collection:

• Jennifer Michael Hecht: "The History of Atheism, Feminism, and the Science of Brains"

• Amanda Marcotte: "How Feminism Makes Better Skeptics: The Role Rationality Plays in Ending Sexism"

Watch the videos!


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Women in Secularism³ — Details Coming Soon!

As you can see in these videos, the Women in Secularism conferences are exceptional and valuable events.

Right now, we are in the early planning stages for Women in Secularism 3. Once again you have the opportunity to sponsor one of the most inspiring and important conferences of the year.

Without a doubt, you and your donations enable CFI to organize these events, and we thank you for everything you do to make them a success.

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Thank you for being a part of Women in Secularism. Together, we heretics will continue to make all kinds of progress.

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