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harrison_please_donate_button.pngDear Friend,

A little over two years ago, I challenged prayer at my high school’s graduation ceremony. Ultimately unsuccessful, I thought that was going to be the extent of my activism.

Then I attended the 2011 CFI Leadership Conference and was introduced to what the secular movement really is.

Being from South Carolina, I hadn’t heard much about the movement at all, and I certainly didn’t think there was much I could do to get involved. Attending the CFI conference is where I “saw the light.”

Networking with and interacting with other student leaders, listening to inspiring talks by the likes of James Croft, Lauren Becker, and many others, and simply feeling as if I were a part of everything made me realize that there was more that I could do—I just had to do it.

This conference is what cemented in my mind that I wanted to be a part of the freethought movement. And it wouldn’t have happened without the travel grant CFI donors like you provided to get me there.

I left that conference inspired to start a group at my college, when I hadn’t even taken my first class! Once I got home, I was immediately on the phone with people at my school, working out all the requirements for starting a group and finding faculty interested in helping out. Before even setting foot on campus for the fall semester, I had found an adviser, written a constitution, and filled out the forms required to become an official organization.

This motivation, this drive, this eagerness to get involved simply wouldn’t have been there had I not been able to attend the CFI Student Leadership Conference. Attending this conference is what set me on my path to becoming a student leader. Since its formation less than two years ago, my CFI student affiliate group at Presbyterian College (the first CFI group at a religious college in South Carolina) has gone on to host Greta Christina, raise over $3,200 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and become one of the most well-respected groups on campus.

With your donation, you can help students like me continue to be inspired by the community, camaraderie, and compassion that is found at the CFI Student Leadership Conference.

Thank you for supporting students like me!

Harrison HopkinsHarrison Hopkins
Summer Intern at Center for Inquiry
President and Founder of SSA at Presbyterian College
Clinton, SC

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P.S. Students are contacting CFI On Campus from South Carolina, California, and even Alberta. They want to attend the CFI Student Leadership Conference this summer, but they lack the resources to cover the full cost of travel.

Even a small amount like $25 will help us bring these students to the Leadership Conference! Thank you!

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