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305964_10150285693449955_382547868_n.jpgNonbeliever Nation:
The Rise of Secular Americans

With activist and author
David Niose

Friday, May 10, 2013
7:00–9:00 PM

Center for Inquiry–Transnational
1310 Sweet Home Road
Amherst, NY

A new group of Americans is challenging the reign of the Religious Right.

Today, nearly one in five Americans are nonbelievers - a rapidly growing group at a time when traditional Christian churches are dwindling in numbers - and they are flexing their muscles like never before. Yet we still see almost none of them openly serving in elected office, while Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and many others continue to loudly proclaim the myth of America as a Christian nation.

In Nonbeliever Nation, leading secular advocate David Niose explores what this new force in politics means for the unchallenged dominance of the Religious Right. Hitting on all the hot-button issues that divide the country – from gay marriage to education policy to contentious church-state battles – he shows how this movement is gaining traction, and fighting for its rights. Now, Secular Americans—a group comprised not just of atheists and agnostics, but lapsed Catholics, secular Jews, and millions of others who have walked away from religion—are mobilizing and forming groups all over the country (even atheist clubs in Bible-belt high schools) to challenge the exaltation of religion in American politics and public life.

This is a timely and important look at how growing numbers of nonbelievers, disenchanted at how far America has wandered from its secular roots, are emerging to fight for equality and rational public policy.

niose.jpgDavid Niose is an attorney, activist, and author of Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans. He is president of the Washington, DC-based Secular Coalition for America, and previously served two terms as president of the American Humanist Association. As an attorney, Niose has advocated for church/state separation and the rights of humanists and other nontheists, and he is currently involved in implementing a legal strategy to enforce the rights of humanists and other nontheists via the avenue of equal protection law. He has worked with the Secular Coalition for America in various positions to help advocate for the rights of Secular Americans, and has served on the boards of Greater Worcester Humanists and Greater Boston Humanists. He blogs at Psychology Today.


Admission: Public, $5; Friends of the Center and students, FREE
Books will be available for purchase and signing.


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