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May 2013

In This Issue:

• Join Us for the 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference!
• CFI Welcomes Our 2013 Summer Outreach Interns: Monica Harmsen & Harrison Hopkins
• New Video Online: Debbie Goddard at Freethought Festival 2
• Women in Secularism 2 is Around the Corner
• Apply to be a CFI On Campus Blogger
• Skeptic's Toolbox
• Camp Inquiry 2013: Registration Open
• Regional Events

Join Us for the 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference!

CFI Leadership Conference 2013 Attendees

Student group leaders, faculty advisors, and those starting groups on your campus are invited to attend CFI's Student Leadership Conference July 25–28 at CFI–Transnational in Amherst, NY.

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If you are not a student, you can help more students have the opportunity to attend this conference. By donating today, you help cover registration and travel costs for students who couldn't otherwise attend. 

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CFI Welcomes Our 2013 Summer Outreach Interns: Monica Harmsen & Harrison Hopkins

Harrison HopkinsMonica Harmsen

We would like to thank all of the 2013 internship applicants. If our applicant pool is any indication of the strength of the student freethought movement, we see a bright future ahead! This summer, we are happy to welcome Monica Harmsen from the University of Michigan and Harrison Hopkins from Presbyterian College. We look forward to working with them!

Read more about Monica and Harrison in their bios »

New Video Online: Debbie Goddard at Freethought Festival 2

Freethought Festival is an annual free conference put on by our campus affiliate group Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. This year's conference, which took place March 8–10, drew hundreds of people from around the region with featured speakers including Hemant Mehta, Greta Christina, and CFI's outreach director Debbie Goddard. Video from Debbie's presentation, "The Student Movement: Past, Present, Future," is available online along with other talks from the conference.

Debbie Goddard video
Watch Debbie's presentation on YouTube»

Women in Secularism 2 is Around the Corner

wis2 banner

Women in Secularism 2 is less than a month away: May 17–19 in Washington, DC. Student tickets are still available at the reduced rate of $50, but they're running out quickly. Register now!

Apply to be a CFI On Campus Blogger

course of reason logo

The Course of Reason was launched in 2010 with three main goals in mind. The first is to highlight the achievements of our student groups by regularly posting articles (by students!) on their events and activities. The second is to spread the knowledge and skills needed to run a freethinking campus group by soliciting articles from successful group leaders on organizational topics like event planning and fundraising. The third is to get students involved and experienced in voicing their opinions on current events and relevant cultural issues.

We are looking for writers who would like a venue to share their ideas regularly. For more information, check out the blog guidelines.

Express yourself as a thought leader in the secular movement! Apply to be a CFI On Campus blogger.

Skeptic's Toolbox 2013: Using Probabilistically Challenged Minds to Cope with Uncertainty

Skeptic's Toolbox logo

The Skeptic's Toolbox is an annual workshop in Eugene, OR, hosted by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and CFI.

This year’s Toolbox takes place August 8–11 and deals with medical decisions, the cognitive limitations in dealing with chance, the use and misuse of significance tests in deciding which treatments, methods, and actions work and do not work, and the role of the media in disseminating false information about nutrition.

Learn more on the website »

Camp Inquiry 2013: Registration Open

Camp Inquiry 2013 logo

The Center for Inquiry is pleased to announce its 2013 summer program for children ages seven to sixteen. In its eighth year, Camp Inquiry takes place from August 4–August 10 at Camp Seven Hills in Holland, NY.

Led by Camp Director Karen Strachan, Camp Inquiry helps youth confront the challenges of living a nontheistic, skeptical, and secular lifestyle in a world dominated by religious belief and pseudoscience. Grounded on the conviction that kids can begin establishing habits of the good and ethical life early on, Camp Inquiry has a three-part focus: the arts and sciences, the skeptical perspective, and ethical character development. Campers, teacher-counselors, and special guests address key issues of individual identity, forging trusting relationships, establishing a sense of local and global community, and living with respect for the natural world.

Register now »

Upcoming Conferences

• May 17–19: Imagine No Religion 3 in Kamloops, BC. Sponsored by CFI Canada.
• July 25–28: CFI Student Leadership Conference at CFI–Transnational in Amherst, NY.
• October 24–27: CFI Summit in Tacoma, WA. Hosted by CFI, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

About CFI On Campus


CFI On Campus promotes and defends reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in education. We are committed to the enhancement of freethought, skepticism, secularism, humanism, philosophical naturalism, rationalism, and atheism on college and high school campuses throughout North America and around the world.

Students all over the world are doing amazing things to advance science, reason, and secular values. If you have the means to help us provide resources to them, please contact Debbie Goddard by email or at (716) 636-4869 ext. 421.

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