CFI Canada is proud to present Imagine No Religion 3

Dear Freethinkers,

The Centre For Inquiry Canada welcomes you to attend our third annual Imagine No Religion conference, CFI Canada’s official western conference for 2013. Imagine No Religion 3 offers a contemporary approach to conference hosting which abandons the crowded and distracted habits of urban gatherings. CFI Canada will bring together an exclusive and focused group in a remote setting akin to those admired 18th century salons of great thinkers and activists. Imagine No Religion 3 will take place in the beautiful setting of Kamloops British Colombia from May 17 -19 2013. Join us for a weekend of intimate lectures, unique performances and an intimate environment for our guest. This conference boasts a range of inspiring speakers throughout the weekend, two featured productions and a closing banquet.

Join us to hear our accomplished speakers such as Prof. Daniel C. Dennet, Aruna Papp and Dr. K Sohail. Each holds their own experiences and messages that are concerned with the value of critical thinking, scientific morality, human rights and much more. Ticket prices include attendance at all lectures, meals and both feature performances. “The Skeptic Magic Show” with Zoltan the Adequate and the intimate one woman show, “Blue Box” created and performed by Carmen Aguirre will definitely be highlights of this conference. On Sunday the 19th a CFI member’s only dinner and reception will be held at no extra charge, where members can liaise with one another, with the speakers and performers. Become a CFI Canada member here to support our commitment to the values of reason and science. Get on board with our current and ongoing initiatives and join the CFI community by becoming a member or donor today.

Register for tickets here. Ticket sales are limited and over 100 tickets have already been sold so be sure to reserve your tickets in advance.

Imagine No Religion 3 will be held May 17-19 2013 at The Kamloops Coast Hotel and Convention Centre in Kamloops, British Colombia. The Kamloops Coast Hotel and Convention Centre will be hosting all events and are providing special room rates for attendees. There are other hotel and accommodation options within walking and driving distance.

Hear Daniel C. Dennett (our keynote speaker), Victor Stenger, Aron Ra, William B. Davis, Brian Dalton – Mr.Deity, Sean Faircloth, Cristina Rad, Richard Carrier, Aruna Papp, Taslima Nasreen, Louise Antony, Christopher DiCarlo, Dr. K. Sohail and D.J. Grothe. See these renowned authors, advocates and activists with inspiring messages and cutting edge perspectives on topics that range from scientific reasoning to human rights.

Imagine No Religion 3 will be presenting Carmen Aguirre’s “Blue Box” on Friday evening and the “Skeptic Magic Show” with Zoltan the Adequate on Saturday evening. These are unique performances that you will not find at ordinary conferences. Both performances are included in the ticket price.

Click here for more detailed information on registration, accommodation, speakers and performances.

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