Anti-Vaccination Advocate Jenny McCarthy dropped from Ottawa Cancer Event

Dear Freethinkers,

As a result of pressure from CFI Canada and other Skeptic Organizations, Ottawa Cancer Foundation has just confirmed that they will be removing Jenny McCarthy as the headline speaker for "Bust a Move 2013." This was only made possible through the coordinated efforts of CASS, the strong leadership at CFI Ottawa and our great friends at Ottawa Skeptics.

We also want to thank CFI Advisor Dr. Joe Schwarcz for offerring his commentary for the MacLeans Magazine Article on this topic and for the many of you who tweeted, wrote in or otherwise expressed your concern to the event organizers.

Now that the dust has settled and we've won, we should all me congratulating the Organizer's at "Bust a Move" for doing the right thing. Changing speakers on short notice isn't easy so let's be sure to give them a hand for their work:

1) Tweet your congratulations to the event organizers at @OttawaCancer and be sure to use the hashtag #dropjenny

2) Make a small donation to their fundraiser. Cancer is a horrible disease and aside from their misstep, we at CFI Canada want the event to succeed and for them to reach their goals.

3) Write to Ottawa Cancer CEO Linda Eagen - and thank her for her decision to support reason and science

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