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Outrageous, inspiring news to wake up your brain.
Hot, caffeinated beverage to wake up your body. 

We know. You're tired.

•  You're tired of all the nonsense, myth-mongering, and faulty thinking that parades across your screen every day.
•  Tired of explaining the difference between religious freedom and religious privilege... again.
•  Tired of talking about the importance of free speech and the reality of evolution... again.
•  Tired of always having to defend your nonbelief and skepticism, of always having to explain how you can be good without god and why the world is not about to end... again.

The Morning Heresy Mug from CFIAlso, well, you're just tired.

The good news is we get it and we're here to help.

Every day on the CFI blog, Paul Fidalgo brings you The Morning Heresy, a clearinghouse of links you need to stay up to date and motivated about all things having to do with religion and irreligion, science and pseudoscience, and how they all affect our society and our lives. It's the finest daily digest of news relevant to the secular and skeptic community and it will help you wake the hell up and get busy!

Now, not only can you wake up your brain, you can wake up your body, too, with the new Morning Heresy mug!

The quest for a more secular and reality-based society is a long-game. Don't go into battle empty handed. Make sure you bring something to wake you up—a caffeinated beverage and a daily reminder of how important it is that we all push past tired and keep doing what we do.

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