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Tom Flynn Presents a "Radical" Vision of Church-State Separation at the University of Rochester Nov. 6

Tom FlynnTom Flynn, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism and editor of the magazine Free Inquiry comes to the University of Rochester to deliver a talk on his vision of what the future might hold for secularism with his lecture, “A Radical Take on Church-State Separation,” presented free of charge by the Atheist Community of Rochester, SSA at the University Of Rochester, and the Council of Secular Humanism on November 6 at 7:00pm.

Think way, way beyond what current law allows – what kind of long-term future should American secularists strive for? A future defined by faith-based initiatives, or a naked public square? One where religious expression resounds through public institutions and public spaces, or where thoughtful people confine such things to the private realm? Tom Flynn offers a personal argument why secularists should dream big and strive for a tomorrow in which public spaces truly are “religion-free zones.”

Agree or disagree, you won’t want to miss this engaging and provocative presentation.

When: Tuesday, November 6 at 7:00pm
Where: Sloan Auditorium, inside the Robert B. Goergen Hall for Biomedical Engineering and Optics, University of Rochester
Admission: Free, Parking is $3



Directions to Parking

- From Elmwood Ave. turn onto Joseph C. Wilson Blvd. by the big "University of Rochester" sign.  (If headed west on Elmwood it will be a right-hand turn, if headed east on Elmwood it will be a left-hand turn).

- Drive 200 feet and take the 1st right turn onto Trustee Rd., then follow it 200 yards to the end. 

- Turn left on Intercampus Dr.

- Drive 200 feet and take the 1st right turn into the parking lot.

Directions to Sloan Auditorium

- Walk back out the way you drove into the parking lot. 

- Cross Intercampus Dr. and follow the curving path between the two buildings straight ahead.

- The lecture hall is in the building on your right:  "Robert B. Goergen Hall for Biomedical Engineering and Optics".

- Once you enter the building, Sloan Auditorium will be directly in front of you.

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