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The End is Nigh! Don’t Miss Your Chance to Win Cash with Halloween at CSICon

csicon 2012

CSICon 2, the stellar, must-attend conference for science and skepticism starts this week in Nashville. But that means time is running out for you to use your psychic powers to win some cash! 

CSICon will be host to the nerdiest Halloween party on this planet, MC’d by Rebecca Watson and teeming with skeptics dressed even more strangely than usual. It’s also your chance to win up to $200! 

The attendee who comes in the outfit deemed Best Costume by our judges will win $200 and free registration for next year’s conference! There’s also be a prize for Best Skeptically Themed Costume, which wins you $100 plus free registration to the next conference.

Ron's Big IdeaAnd that’s not all, folks. If you can guess the costume that will be worn by Center for Inquiry President and CEO Ronald A. Lindsay, you too shall take home $100 and get free admission to next year’s Halloween party. Check out the video on this page to see Ron try and sell CSI’s Barry Karr on the whole idea.

To enter the contest to guess Ron’s costume, you must be a paid, registered attendee of CSICon (we’ll check). Send your guess/psychic prediction to with the subject heading “Ron’s Costume.” Ron himself will decide which guess comes the closest to his eventual disguise. One entry per person, please.

Time’s a-wastin’, but don’t panic! Just register right now for CSICon, and rummage through your attic for funny clothes with wild abandon. Halloween in Music City awaits!

CSICon 2012
October 25-28, 2012

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