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CSICon 2012: The Skeptic Event that Won’t Be Debunked

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Here are a few outrageous claims for you:

  • An incredible array of the skeptic movement's smartest and most dynamic personalities will be gathering in Nashville for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • This event will feature the nerdiest Halloween costume party on the planet, with chances for attendees to win actual cash prizes.
A magician-psychologist, a Skepchick-podcaster, and the guy who wrote The Men Who Stare at Goats are going to descend on this event after a road trip visiting a slew of paranormal locales between Buffalo, NY and Nashville.

  • Moonshine will be consumed.

As a skeptic who demands evidence to back up extraordinary claims, the only way to investigate is to come on down to Nashville yourself, October 25-28, for CSICon 2012, the conference dedicated to science and skeptical inquiry, put on by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. 

But you need to hurry! Special discounted hotel rates will end October 8. Register now!

csicon headsCSICon’s roster of speakers includes such luminaries as Elizabeth Loftus, Chris Mooney, Indre Viscontas, and many more. Here’s some of what you can expect from three of our brilliant CSICon speakers, and you can read exclusive interviews with them here

Eugenie Scott: “Why the Tennessee Academic Freedom Act Matters to You”
In 2012, the Tennessee legislature passed an “Academic Freedom Act” which called for teaching the “strengths and weaknesses” of allegedly controversial subjects such as evolution, global warming, the origin of life, and human cloning. Rather than being just an oddity in the state of Tennessee, more than 40 of these laws have cropped up in state legislatures in every region of the country. Citizens need to oppose the passage of these bills.

Anthony Pratkanis: “Weapons of Fraud: How Con Criminals Scam the Public and What We Can Do About It”
Every year Americans lose about $100 billion in fraud crimes. In this talk, we debunk the myths about fraud (it isn’t about the nature of the victim), describe how fraud criminals use social influence as a weapon, and explain what can be done to prevent fraud.

Sharon Hill: “How to Think About Weird News: People Really Believe This Stuff”
Weird, sensational, and manipulative news reporting has always been part of our modern culture. What's a critical thinker to do when Mom panics over the coming 2012 apocalypse or your coworker raves about the amazing psychic who helped solve a crime? Many people really believe this stuff and that affects how they think about the world. 

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and we've made some bold claims in this email. If you want your chance to confirm or debunk them, you're going to have to head down to Music City and see for yourself. We think you'll be pleased with the results.

Register now for CSICon 2012!

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