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Top Skeptics Battle Swindlers and Sensationalism at CSICon 2012

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Con artists prey upon our credulousness while a sensationalist media primes the pump, force-feeding us a buffet of specious claims. How is anyone supposed to tell the real from the ridiculous?

A good start would be to register right now for CSICon 2012, the conference dedicated to scientific inquiry and critical thinking, October 25-28 in Nashville. (And hurry, a special discounted hotel rate ends October 8!)

Two of CSICon’s fantastic speakers joined CSI’s Paul Fidalgo to talk about how their presentations will help us all better understand how to cope with the onslaught of nonsense and those seeking to rip us off.

Skeptic writer Sharon Hill, impresario of the indispensable Doubtful News website, will focus her presentation on the attention-greedy media, telling us:

Someone must take the role of the rational voice and say, calm down, the world won't end this year, there is no miracle cure, the UFOs aren't coming to get us and those apparent paranormal things have a very normal explanation. . . . Since there is so much information out there, we'd do well to practice honing our critical thinking filters. 

prathill.pngAnd Anthony Pratkanis, a world-renowned expert on persuasion and influence, will tell us why we fall victim to fraudsters, and how we can avoid being taken.

People, when they see a fraud, often say, “I could never fall prey to that.” They are probably correct. But that doesn’t mean that the con criminal couldn’t tailor a crime to fit your needs and personality once he or she found out about you.


You can also read a previous interview with CSICon speaker Eugenie Scott, take your chance to win cash and other prizes at the CSICon Halloween costume party, and if you’re still not sure about attending, perhaps we’ll leave the powerful persuasion to CSI’s Barry Karr, as he makes a compelling case to Skepchick’s Rebecca Watson in this audio clip

So grab that special discounted hotel rate before October 8, and hear more from amazing minds like these. 

CSICon 2012: It’s time to get empirical.

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