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CSICon 2012 in Nashville:
Music City Hosts Must-Attend Skeptic Event

csicon 2012

Creationism in public schools. Climate change denial. Human cloning paranoia. It’s all happening this year in the great state of Tennessee. What’s a rational, science-loving skeptic to do?

Go to Tennessee and hold a big conference, of course!

October 25-28, Nashville will host CSICon 2012, an unparalleled experience and the must-attend event of the year for science and skepticism, right in the heart of the beast. The powerful roster of speakers features some of the sharpest minds and biggest personalities in the skeptic universe, including Lawrence Krauss, Eugenie Scott, PZ Myers, Carol Tavris, Elizabeth Loftus, Joe Nickell, and Rebecca Watson -- just to name a handful. Plus, a performance by comic-musician George Hrab, the nerdiest Halloween party on the planet, and all that Music City itself has to offer (so you may want to pack your six-string along with your costume).

Be sure to “like” the CSICon and Skeptical Inquirer Facebook pages to keep up to date with everything surrounding this exciting event, presented by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Center for Inquiry.

It’s time to get empirical. Register today.

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